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    Musical misfits doing what we love

The Band

We have been making music since 1998. Horn based Funk is the thread that weaves together our eclectic mix of styles from Hip-Hop to Latin to Soul. With decades of experience playing internationally as well as several appearances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, our live shows never disappoint.

We are proudly represented by EAC Management.

Voodoo Jazz is:

  • Alex "The Boss" DaneauTenor & Baritone Sax
  • Jesse "West Coast" MeyerAlto, Tenor, & Baritone Sax, Flute
  • David "Frenchie" HennetierDrums
  • Phil "NSFW" ChownBass
  • J-F "The Professor" MayerGuitar
  • Mike "New Guy" BattistaGuitar
  • Francis "Ned Flanders" BlanchetKeyboards

Resurrection Highlights

  1. Colourblind Voodoo Jazz 3:39
  2. Green is my Favourite Colour, Butch (Live) Voodoo Jazz 4:37
  3. Lao Tzu on the Beach (Live) Voodoo Jazz 5:33
  4. Better Place Voodoo Jazz 5:28

Dig! Highlights

  1. Music is Home Voodoo Jazz 4:58
  2. Big_Bamboo Voodoo Jazz 5:43
  3. NY Black Magic Voodoo Jazz 5:55
  4. The Snake Voodoo Jazz 3:42

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Mo Fat

Groovus Bestius

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Better Place

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Cruise Ship Cougar


Music is Home


Lao Tzu on the Beach


Greasy Hands



7 Old Dudes Funking It Up

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We are proudly represented by EAC Management

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